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50 Years of Integrity, Honesty & Dependability in Parts Sales & Customer Satisfaction!


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Level 5 Bldg. A, SM MegaMall

Mandaluyong City

Established November 30, 1994













Pioneered the Mall branches of EL Dorado in its

constant quest to improve its service and bring EL Dorado

closer to the people!

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Mr. Dante 

 Parts Analyst

 Nicknames     :   

 Date Hired     :   

Dante is a highly resourceful and dependable personnel especially when it comes to parts sourcing. When MMC Vehicle parts are hard to find, one can always count on him to uncover where to retrieve needed parts requirement from. His patience is known by co-employees and clients as well and this attitude of his help achieve higher customer satisfaction.





  Ms. Lanie V. Gabito     

 Branch Cashier / Accounting Clerk

 Nicknames     :    Lan       

 Date Hired     :   

One of the harder working personnel of EDCC, Lanie is a very able support and trusted individual to EDCC's management. Her being a lady in the Auto Parts Sales has never been an obstacle in completing her tasks. She works very independently and can be counted upon with any inquiry on parts sales and availability. Her Parts-sourcing ability is commendable, paired with Dante's own, makes the duo a perfect tandem in achieving full quality service to EDCC's clients.







 Mr. Arnel    

 Parts Analyst

 Nicknames     :    Nel    

 Date Hired     :   

A highly dependable personnel with full knowledge in MMPC parts backed by years of experience in parts sales, Arnel is known by his co-employees as "the-guy-to-see". His smile is infectious, achieving high customer relations.












   Mr. Jonas Tukay  

 Parts Analyst

 Nicknames     :    Jonas        

 Date Hired     :   

Known to his co-employees in the branch as a "fast-learner" Jonas has progress in parts sales and has become dependable in his own right when in it comes to his job. Jonas is a highly responsible individual and is labeled by his peers as :"ery easy to work with and highly focused" on the tasks assigned of him.





Mr. Bobby   

 Driver / Parts Analyst

 Nicknames     :    Bob        

 Date Hired     : 

A tall, hefty and strict looking individual, Bobby is actually good natured and supports well his colleagues in their efforts in customer satisfaction and sales improvement. A reliable support in MMC Vehicle parts sourcing, Bobby is dedicated in every task assigned of him.














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