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50 Years of Integrity, Honesty & Dependability in Parts Sales & Customer Satisfaction!


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2918 Taft Ave,  EDSA Rotonda

Pasay City

Established February 4, 1973





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The Staff... 

Always ready to be of service!





 Mr. Ariel B. Villasanta   

 Branch Supervisor

 Nicknames     :    Yel  / Adobo      

 Date Hired     :    August 21, 1995

Yel is already in smiles and eager to be of service! His 'always-very-happy' attitude is highly infectious and may tend to take your worries on your vehicles away! Highly dependable on determining parts sales since he has years of experience to back him up. Lively and bubbly, don't ever ask him down for a drink... because that one drink will last you the entire night! No wonder he is called Adobo... because of his Beer Belly!

Mr. Fernando T. Punongbayan  

 Parts Analyst

 Nickname     :   Fernan

 Date Hired     :    May 16, 1994

A well educated person, Fernan can stand his ground with foreigners and their inquiries. He's very well comfortable with the English language and will have no problem communicating with them as with other managers and corporate staff members. His knowledge in Mitsubishi vehicle parts is highly admirable. Simply name the car model and variant, the part the you need, and he'll be able to recite the specific part number of the item as if he was a looking at the parts catalogue. Reverse the process, give the item's Part Number and he'll easily tell you the specific item and for what car make and model that is!









Mr. Adrian T. Blanco

Parts Analyst

Nickname   :   Adrian

Date Hired  :   September 28, 1998

Starting out as a trainee from the MegaMall branch in the early 90's, Adrian has developed in his own turf, being able to provide good quality service as a Parts Analyst for his branch. Whenever parts sourcing is needed in urgency, the branch counts on him to source out needed parts from other branches, being able to provide the needed item in the soonest possible time to the client.







 Mr. Wilson A. Limen

 Driver / Parts Analyst

 Nickname         :   Wilson

 Date Hired        :    November 3, 1998

Wilson rose from the ranks. His hard work, determination and quest to continually learn new things have helped him be at his position now w/ EDCC. A very lively person, Wilson is always ready to lend a helping hand to his co-workers and customers alike. One needs just to request it of him and he'll be fast with his response. With his attitude towards his work, it will be no wonder if this personnel will be doing more for EDCC and its clientele in the very near future!




Just another busy

day at the office...


Mr. Allan M. Mobella

 Delivery / Liason Personnel

 Nickname         :   Lan

 Date Hired        :      July 07 ,2003

Allan is a hardworking and reliable liason personnel. He can always be counted upon on meeting his deadlines and delivery schedules. Though relative new and starting with his new line of work, he is fast learning the details of vehicle parts sales. In a few years time, Lan has a good potential of one day being on the counter and contributing further to EDCC quality service and customer satisfaction.


 Ms. Liezel M. Mamitag

 Branch Cashier and Accounting Clerk

 Nickname         :   Liezel

 Date Hired        :   January 17 ,2005

Relatively new with  EDCC, Liezel is fast catching up with the thrust of the company in quality service. Her prowess in learning the parts catalogue other than her usual task of being the cashier of the branch, is well on track and will in the near future, prove to be another asset on the counter in parts sales.


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