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50 Years of Integrity, Honesty & Dependability in Parts Sales & Customer Satisfaction!


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Main Office

1059 Pedro Gil Street, Paco Manila









Established January 9, 1956 by spouses:

Marciano L. Carandang & Lolita Arcigal Carandang

EL Dorado Auto Supply FOUNDERS












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Ms. Perlita B. Arias

Parts Sales & Operations Manager

Nickname  :  Pearl

Date Hired    :    July 1974 : EL Dorado Pioneer


One of the most loyal if not the most loyal, and the most dependable personnel of EL Dorado. She has stuck it out through the growing pains of EDCC. EL Dorado has been and will always be her life. When crunch time comes, all look up to Ate Pearl to provide answers and solutions to whatever situation there is. She has been more than an employee and a stalwart of the company, she has been considered as family by the founders of EDCC!







Mr. Arnold Fernandez

Branch Supervisor

Nickname     :    Nold

Date Hired    :    February 1992

One of the most dependable personnel of EDCC when it comes to parts sales. Nold is a master in his field of Mitsubishi parts sales. His colleagues look up to him for leadership as well as support in leading his branch to higher peaks in sales and customer satisfaction. He is also a fine basketball player and a good sport in and out of the court.







Ms. Aida P. Aquino

Chief Accountant

Nickname     :    Ayds

Date Hired    :   July 25, 1985

Also considered as a long time pioneer of EDCC from its growing years, Ayds has from time and again, proven her loyalty and unmatched fidelity for the company. Alongside Pearl, these two are not only the most dependable employees of  EDCC but also considered as family to the founders of EL Dorado. She has dedicated her career to the constant improvement and safe keeping of EDCC's finances. Her trustworthiness is unwavering.






Ms. Arlene C. Quitoriano

Accountant Clerk / Management Assistant

Nickname    :    Arlene

Date Hired    :  March 31, 2001

Arlene has provided a very able support to Ayds unending workload. Trustworthiness is one of her stronger points. She has also the very admirable character of continually wanting to improve herself with further knowledge in accounting and business management. She has enrolled in a business management course in a La Sallian Educational System in the College of Saint Benilde in her quest to improve herself. Arlene on the lighter side, never fails to impress everyone with her smooth yet powerful singing voice during  company get togethers.







Mr. Edgardo Formelosa

Parts Analysts

Nickname    :    Egay

Date Hired    :  October 16, 2003

One of the most liked and respected personnel amongst his colleagues and the company as well. Egay can be counted on in any situation. Always ready to lend a helping hand, she has provided a great support in the management of the inventory of the main branch. He has mastered and memorized to the very last detail, the inventory of the branch like the back of his hand. At times, he may even be more reliable than the inventory system in the computer! A very amiable person, Egay also possess a beer belly to as living proof of his camaraderie spirit.








Ms. Sophia A. Agapay

Branch Cashier / Accounting Clerk

Nickname    :    Lhai

Date Hired    :  November 4, 1999

Lhai is a dependable assistant to both the accounting department as well as with keeping records of the main branch. When the day moves very busy, as it is most often in the main office, she provides a very reliable support to both the Parts Analysts and the management department.






Mr. Reynaldo C. Quitoriano

Driver / Asst. Parts Analyst

Nickname    :    Rey

Date Hired    :   February 2, 2004

Rey provides a very reliable support to the sales department. His main task is to provide the parts required by the Parts Analyst when and where it is needed. One of the men responsible to visit the main Mitsubishi Motors Plant in Cainta, Rizal to obtain EDCC's stocking parts requirements and inventory.



Another busy day at the branch.





Mr. Noel L. Dabu

Parts Analyst

Nickname    :    Noel / Wel

Date Hired    :  July 02, 2004

Wel came into EDCC with already more than 11 years of experience in Mitsubishi parts sales, coming from one of the Franchise Dealers of MMPC. In a short span of time though, he had immediately gained the respect and acceptance from his colleagues and is now one of the more dependable Parts Analysts of the main branch. Wel has found his new home in EDCC and has continually proven his reliability and steadfastness for the company. With his infectious smile and positive attitude, quality service and full customer satisfaction in readily at achieved by him.







Mr. Roberto Jayag

Driver / Asst. Parts Analyst

Nickname    :    Obet

Date Hired    :   October 21, 2002

Prior to October of 2002, Obet has been with the founders of EDCC as a trustworthy employee of the family. After several years of being involved in his own business opportunites, Obet is back with EDCC to continue where he left off, as a reliable and trusted personnel and contributor to the thrust of EDCC... to give quality and immediate service to its clientelle. Obet is one of the strongest power player in basketball of EDCC. Standing at 5 feet eleven inches tall, he is virtually unstoppable from the 3 point as well as the shaded area of the court.








Mr. Krizoffer C. Austria

Data Encoder

Nickname  :  Yappe

Date Hired  :  May 10, 2005

Yappee is relatively both young at heart and of age with the company, yet he has been continually carving his own niche as the sole computer encoder and inventory I.T. man of the company. A constant target of tease and jokes of his colleagues, Yappe never losses his smile and is always ready to joke back and return the favor. He is turning out to be a consistent support in EDCC's moves to fully computerized its operations and link each computer system of each branch for faster and more reliable communication between them.  



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