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50 Years of Integrity, Honesty & Dependability in Parts Sales & Customer Satisfaction!


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Main Warehouse

1514 - 1516 Herran St.

Paco Manila














The highly dependable staff

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Mr. Ging Camu

Branch Supervisor

Nickname  :  Ging

Date Hired  :

   Ging is a serious guy. One would seldom see him smile on the job but take note, his customer relationship skills has earned him a number of good commendation from the company's clientele. He is always ready to answer customer inquiries with good enthusiasm and ready to serve everytime for full customer service and satisfaction!







Ms. Analyn

Branch Cashier and Accounting Clerk

Nickname  :  Analyn

Date Hired  :

Analyn is a happy co-employee to work with. Always ready with a smile, she fulfills her daily duties very responsibly and without complains. She is a trustworthy employee in charge of the computer inventory encoding as much as the daily sales records of the branch. Light moments are never scarce with Analyn around to brighten it further with her pleasing personality and infectious positive work atitude.









Mr. Ricardo

Driver and Asst. Parts Analyst

Nickname   :   Rick

Date Hired    :    April 11, 1997

Rick has been an old reliable type of fellow. He is a master of the streets and can be depended upon to meet scheduled delivery or sourcing of parts for the company and its clientele. Maintains a good rapport with the warehouse personnel of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines in Cainta, Rizal.


Mr. Arnold dela Cruz

Parts Inventory and Warehouse Housekeeping

Nickname   :   Mang Arnold

Date Hired  :  April 29, 2002

EDCC's man-friday with respect to keeping the inventory arrival and delivery to the other branches in order. Mang Arnold is the person responsible in sorting out new parts arrivals and sending them to the respective branches.










        EL Dorado Car Components Main Warehouse

In front of Mit-Air, Paco, Manila




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