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50 Years of Integrity, Honesty & Dependability in Parts Sales & Customer Satisfaction!


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20th Ave. Corner Aurora Boulevard

Cubao,  Quezon City

Established September 27, 1987

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 Mr. Fernando Diaz      

 Branch Supervisor

 Nicknames     :    Tatay Pando / Jaworski        

 Date Hired     :    EL Dorado Pioneer

Pando as friends and regular customers call him, is your out-of-this world happy guy, with a laugh so infectious, you can't help but laugh along with him, whether or not there really is something to laugh about! He has a voice as loud as the busy street outside, you'd hear it across and through the closed glass doors. A very amiable and good salesperson, he can sell you just about anything if you give him a chance. He can even sell you the London Bridge if you care to listen.







                                          Ms. Mary Jean M. Lesano

Branch Cashier

Nickname   :   Jane

Date Hired  :  September 15, 1995

Jane is a highly dedicated and a reliable employee of the company. She has risen up the ranks through hard work and trustworthiness. A lady serious with her work, maybe too serious that one would seldom see her smile. Mistake this not though, because she is highly approachable and also a very amiable and 'wacky' person when the situation calls for it.





Mr. Rafael A. Gabito Jr.

Parts Analyst

Nickname  :   Jun

Date Hired  :  September 18, 1995

Jun has worked his way up the ranks from a dedicated family driver for the Foundress of EL Dorado, to a highly reliable Parts Analyst. His knowledge in parts sales has grown through the years and is now one of the trusted and dependable personnel of the company. His amiable, always-ready-to-serve customer service attitude has earned him a number of commendations already from highly satisfied clients. He is a good basketball player as well.






Mr. Julian C. Abdul

Parts Analyst

Nickname   :   Julian

Date Hired  :  August 1, 1995

Another dedicated employee, Julian came to EL Dorado with a good number of years experience from his last employment in the parts sales industry. With more than 10 years of service with EL Dorado, Julian has indeed found his home with the company and has continually served it with full perseverance and loyalty. He's a reliable parts analyst and is always ready to answer the inquiries that cross his way. 




Jr. Jan-Josef B. Vergara

Branch Encoder / Sales Trainee

Nickname  :  Jay, Pogi

Date Hired  :  February , 2006

Jay has a very pleasing and amiable personality. His task is to continually improve the reach of the branch's customer satisfaction and quality service. Though new in the industry, his zest for improving his craft is a very welcome entry to the company's workforce.






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